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Old dog, new tricks

Dakota gets his 3rd chance at age 9

Old dog, new tricks

I got high with a little help from my friends

May 10th, 2012 · 16 Comments · Uncategorized

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This is your dog.












This is your dog on drugs.












And this is your dog on drugs after surgery to remove a tooth that was broken off by the worst roommate in the world.









I am ok. I am on drugs. I am too wasted to write more. I will write more later. That is all.

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16 Comments so far ↓

  • etgayle

    sweet dreams, handsome prince…..

    charon & spirit gayle

  • cometdog

    Awwww. Dakota – I’m sorry about your tooth! I know Comet is looking down on you saying…..”I understand what is like to live with a monkeybutt.”
    But tell your mommy that it could be worse! Monkeybutt broke out his mommy’s front tooth a couple years ago!!!!

    Get well big boy!

  • anjl

    Well Pal,
    It looks like you got the good stuff!
    I guess that’s what they refer to as a “toothless grin”
    Feel better and just say no…lol

  • chilidawg

    Aww Dakota. Finchy feels for you. He just had 6 teeth pulled. We are sending you lots of hugs from Noah and Juliana.

  • rumblesmom

    Hope you feel better soon, Dakota. But…you already look like you’re feeling pretty good…so I guess I mean that I hope your tooth-hole heals fast! 🙂
    And while you’re out of it, maybe you can dream up a clever way to get back at your roommate. You know, hide her stuff or something?

    • Dakota Dawg

      Well…I started the fight. I don’t think I want to talk about it anymore. They cut open my head and pulled out the rest of the tooth. Oh, and drilled, too. Did you know how much of a canine tooth is up inside a dog’s head? I didn’t either but now I do!

  • Izzy, Ted's sister

    D Dawg,
    You look so relaxed. Can I give Mulligan some of those drugs you have? Some days he is too much. We are all thinking of you, be sure to eat something so your Mom won’t worry.


  • Heather

    Sweet dreams Dakota and no more food fights.

    Daisy, Shadow’s sister

  • wyattraydawg

    WOOO HOOO! Did you get the spinnies too? Oh those are THE WORST!

    So did they give you a GOLD CROWN? Man I’m telling ya that’s GANGSTA! I hope so.

    • Dakota Dawg

      Wyatt, I don’t know if I was spinning or not. I did sleep so very much. I didn’t get no crown, gold or otherwise. I even get a trip back to the v-e-t today cuz I don’t feel so hot. The Woman thinks I might have an infection.

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