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Old dog, new tricks

Dakota gets his 3rd chance at age 9

Old dog, new tricks

Makin’ it look easy!

February 23rd, 2011 · 1 Comment · recovery

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Dakota is not quite at the 2-week mark and he continues to act like nothing happened. He makes it look easy sometimes. Not always…but when he does, it makes us all smile.

Yesterday I decided to see if Dakota would willingly use his dog door. He’d gone out of it once since his surgery but hadn’t come back in that way. He really did not want to exit through the dog door and I had to force the issue. To please me, he did it and then turned around and watched me through the window. I called to him and he bounced right back in, so it’s obvious that using the door itself is not a problem for him. Unfortunately, there isn’t much flat land out there and he has little room before he needs to go uphill. I think this is disturbing to him. We’re talking about how to make things easier in this regard. Since that hillside is covered in deep, crusty snow, it may not be a comfortable place for him any longer.

This morning Dakota, Evelyn and I walked out front and down the driveway a little way. Dakota peed (much easier for him now that he’s given up trying to lift a leg) and sniffed around, rolled in the snow some, and then was ready to come back inside. His gait was markedly different this morning. He was not using his head to bounce along nearly as much as he had been, and walking directly behind him it was hard to tell that he was missing a leg. He made that part look so easy!

Dakota’s been off pain meds, except for his maintenance Deramaxx for arthritis, for a few days. He’s doing fine. He still sleeps a lot and lays down almost all the time. I don’t know if tripawds eventually sit more or less, stand more or less, or how they really spend their days. This is something we will discover as time goes by. I also wonder when I’ll stop thinking “holy crap! What happened to your leg!” when I look at Dakota. Since it hasn’t even been 2 weeks yet, I know it’s normal to still be startled. But watching him roaming around this morning, he looked just like any other dog.

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  • rudyroo

    Dakota is looking good:) I’m sure he’s feeling good too! Don’t you love when they do things like it’s nothing, no big thing. Makes me smile too.

    It’s been a month for Rudy since his surgery and I still sometimes get startled by him not having one of his legs! I wonder what goes through their heads, do they look at that area and say to themselves ‘wait a minute didn’t I have a leg there before?’ Ok maybe I’m a bit of a nut!

    By the way I saw that you said you had a doggie that could have been Rudy’s sibling. I would love to see pictures.

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