Dakota is naughty

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Dakota’s incision must be itching something fierce because last night he started licking it through the shirt he’s been wearing, saturating the shirt. He managed to pull the shirt-tail up and lick the lower part of the incision. He even opened up a little gap, and it started bleeding slightly. The surrounding skin was red and splotchy. Overall, it did not look so great and he would not leave it alone. Because I’d changed his shirts every time he got them wet, I ran out of things to put on him. And I needed something that would be impossible for him to pull up. (I’d even safety-pinned the shirt-tails snugly around him.) The only thing left to put on him was Evelyn’s stylish pink fleece. It even has a hood.

Dakota seemed unhappy about this change of wardrobe, but I thought he was kind of cute. Pink isn’t really his color, but maybe he’ll stop licking that incision and opening it up!

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Author: Dakota Dawg

Dakota lived high in Colorado and was a member of the February Furballs. He lost a front leg to soft tissue sarcoma on 2-11-11. Dakota impulsively decided to see what the whole "rainbow bridge" business was about on 12-15-12 and before we could stop him, he was gone. But never forgotten. Never.

5 thoughts on “Dakota is naughty”

  1. Have you tried Stoplick? We had to use it on one of our dobe’s. I think it just makes it taste really bitter but does not sting.

  2. I thought I had some of the nasty-tasting stuff but I can’t find it. I thought I’d just try humiliation until I can get some more!

  3. Evelyn’s pink fleece is awesome! I love it. Too bad about the excess licking. It is so frustrating to both want our dogs to heal asap, and sympathize with them in their discomfort.

  4. That is indeed a look of wretched mortification. LOL! Our Riley (Catie’s quadpawd bro) has been known to give us the exact same look; in fact, Riley wanted me to pass a message along to Dakota: Dudes do NOT wear pink.


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