There’s a right way to babysit, and a wrong way

You know my pack added a hairless bipawd pup over the summer, right? ┬áIt belongs to my oldest Boy and his Woman. Ugly little sucker, but so very interesting to sniff! It spends a lot of time here because its parents work, and my Woman doesn’t trust anyone else to watch it. I understand. Anyone else would probably leave it in the woods because sometimes it’s very noisy, and sometimes it’s very dramatic.

I do like to lay near the pup sometimes and watch it. I find it fascinating. I’m not sure why. I’d make a pretty reliable babysitter because I’m not interested in its toys. Evelyn would take them and destroy them. She has a thing for toys. I do not.

So I thought I’d show you the difference in how Evelyn and I are at babysitting. One of us actually watches the baby. The other one is a baby.


Author: Dakota Dawg

Dakota lived high in Colorado and was a member of the February Furballs. He lost a front leg to soft tissue sarcoma on 2-11-11. Dakota impulsively decided to see what the whole "rainbow bridge" business was about on 12-15-12 and before we could stop him, he was gone. But never forgotten. Never.

6 thoughts on “There’s a right way to babysit, and a wrong way”

  1. Okay, so I am thinking that I definately….. would not leave Evelyn with the hairless one!
    I would also like to let you know that I am quite experienced at this sort of thing! I was a very good child care dog until my mom said we quit.
    It would be about half a day’s ride to your place. It looks like you are doing great work but if you need reinforcement….give me a bark!
    Your Pal,

  2. Is it just the camera angle or does E now weigh 300 lbs and has a 4 foot girth? I don’t think I’ll show this pic to Oberon, he would be frightened by her size…among other things.

  3. Ok everybody, I’m the first to admit that Evelyn is the Queen of Pains sometimes, but she isn’t that big! She is in the foreground, the baby is in the background, so it just looks like Evelyn is huge. She actually has a nice little waist right now. Or so I’m told.

    Love, Dakota

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