A birthday

Dear Dakota,

We are having a birthday pawty today, and I’m sorry you aren’t here for the sardines. Evelyn is 5 today. I know you don’t care because your relationship with her was often ambivalent. I don’t blame you for that at all, sweet boy. She is the best worst dog we’ve ever lived with. We will give her the sardines today and remind her to think about you, but I can’t make any promises that she will. The humans, however, think about you often. How could we not? If you have celebrations where you are, go party hard for the worst roommate ever and have fun. You deserve that and so much more.

-Your Woman


There’s a right way to babysit, and a wrong way

You know my pack added a hairless bipawd pup over the summer, right?  It belongs to my oldest Boy and his Woman. Ugly little sucker, but so very interesting to sniff! It spends a lot of time here because its parents work, and my Woman doesn’t trust anyone else to watch it. I understand. Anyone else would probably leave it in the woods because sometimes it’s very noisy, and sometimes it’s very dramatic.

I do like to lay near the pup sometimes and watch it. I find it fascinating. I’m not sure why. I’d make a pretty reliable babysitter because I’m not interested in its toys. Evelyn would take them and destroy them. She has a thing for toys. I do not.

So I thought I’d show you the difference in how Evelyn and I are at babysitting. One of us actually watches the baby. The other one is a baby.


i was good!

hey guess what? this time it was not my fawlt! momma even sed so! she took me to the male box. i even had my leesh on this time. on the way back there was this little dog that i did not know. the little dog was a bitchin frisbee. that is what my pop calls it. momma sed oh no do not say that. it is a bichon frisee. she spelld it for me. anyway, the bitchin frisbee tried to jump on me. it made ugly face at me and ugly noise. i was good. i backed up. i thought she was a ugly dog. i don’t want to be her fren now. there. i’m done.


Lazy or loyal? You decide.

At my post.




















Shari here, taking the wheel from Dakota for a minute. This is what we come home to whenever we’ve been out. Every single time. Dakota can be a royal PITA at times with his quirks and fears and oddities, but when I come home and this is the first thing I see it can almost bring tears to my eyes. 

Well, when they stopped the car and brought me into the car and into their lives, I wanted to do something in return. I can’t do much but I can watch. I can wait. I can let them know that the most important thing to me is when they open that door and come back. That’s all.










I got high with a little help from my friends

This is your dog.












This is your dog on drugs.












And this is your dog on drugs after surgery to remove a tooth that was broken off by the worst roommate in the world.









I am ok. I am on drugs. I am too wasted to write more. I will write more later. That is all.