Remembering you, 6 months gone

On the sixth month anniversary of your death, I am practicing remembering your life with gratitude. It is a deliberate choice and it’s hard. It is easy to feel anger at those who abused you but harder to think it’s their loss that they didn’t know what you could become. For me, anyway.

Part of my exercise in deliberate gratitude has been to look at many pictures of your life. They do make me smile. I want to share them with everyone here so they can smile, too, and help me remember how lucky we were that you chose us. Thank you, my golden sweet potato. (And how fitting that the pictures I chose are snow pictures. You loved your snow so much!)








The night before you became a tripawd, asleep with me in our hotel room. You trusted me completely, and I thank you for that.
The night before you became a tripawd, asleep with me in our hotel room. You trusted me completely, and I thank you for that.









Author: Dakota Dawg

Dakota lived high in Colorado and was a member of the February Furballs. He lost a front leg to soft tissue sarcoma on 2-11-11. Dakota impulsively decided to see what the whole "rainbow bridge" business was about on 12-15-12 and before we could stop him, he was gone. But never forgotten. Never.

4 thoughts on “Remembering you, 6 months gone”

  1. He is indeed your “golden sweet potato” boy. A find looking lad!

    The photo of him in his hotel room really show what beautiful markings he has. I love those feet!

    You already know Dakota’s life has deep meaning. You already know. e reason this site is a strong as it is is because of people like you. You already kowyou wouldn’t have touched so many if Dakota had not found you! In this case, there were no random circumstances. Call it destiny, fate, or the will of the great big Whopper in the sky, o two were meant to be together!

    Dakota loved being loved by you! I’m sure one reason he enjoyed the snow so much, was because he could frolic in it, get “snow wet cold” and come in ad sit vyyou to get warm. Warmed by the warmth of love!

    Glad you have so many woderful photos to help you recall the joyous memories. And I know he left you so many from which to choose!

    Next snow here, I’m gonna go do Angel Wings in the s w n honor of your Sweet Dakota boy!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. Shari, we send out all our love and hugs to you on this anniversary. It’s not an easy thing to watch the time go by and not cry or be angry. We get it.

    Dakota, you will always be in our hearts.

  3. Shari,
    Thank you so much for sharing more of Dakota. I think we all forget to be grateful for the time we have. We are all busy with our lives and running around until we have an event like this. Time to slow down and enjoy every minute and love like no tomorrow. That is what I have learned in the past couple months. I love that you are sharing his snow and how much he enjoyed it. He picked the most wonderful family he could have when you found him. You loved him with your heart & soul. Like your avatar sign says. Forever in your heart. He loves you and know you did everything you could and would for him.

    Sassy & I are thinking of you on this anniversary. Sassy sends extra hugs and licks.

    Michelle & Sassy

  4. what a sweet sweet potato! Thank you for sharing.. it is hard not to when those sweet babies of ours steal such a big part of our heart. Many hugs to you over the internet on this anniversary!

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