scaring the humans is fun!

the other nite i scared the humans. it was a lot of fun! we all went to bed. then i started coffing and choking. i did it on purpus. my momma lady getted out of her warm bed and watched me and talked to me and paid a lot of tention to me. i liked it. so i kept doing it. i hid from her, though, and she could not see my face and that made her worried. she opened my mouth to see if something was stuck in my throte but i did not like that. it made me barf some.

my momma lady taked me outside and i paced and paced and pretended to be rilly uncumftra, um, not feeling good. i don’t knoe how to spell it, but i pretended good. so she put me in the car and taked me to the mergency v-e-t.  my plan backfired. i did not want to do that. i only wanted pets and kisses.

i was so nervus at the mergency v-e-t. shaky shaky shaky. slobbers all over the place. i had a miracle! i made the coffing stop. they still taked a picture of my lungs and neck. they said i looked fine. now please pay $250. then they say if you wanna leave her we can watch her and you can pay more money. my momma lady said no thanks i can watch her for free.

so now i am a mystery. cept my momma lady is pretty sure i was pretending and went too far. i can’t tell. if i do, i mite get in trubble.

that was my intresting nite. how was yours?

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love, evelyn

Author: evelyn

my tripawd was Dakota. we had fun and i miss him. I like food. lots.

7 thoughts on “scaring the humans is fun!”

  1. oh Evelyn. I bet your momma was really really scared. She loves you & your silly mug. great pictures 🙂

    michelle & sassy

  2. EVELYN!!!!!! don’t scare do such things! Your mama doesn’t need that kind of scare! You are too precious to be scaring her like that. I am so glad you are ok!! You stay healthy!!!!!!!!!! I love you. Your pictures are too cute for words. I wanna snuggle you for days and days and days!


  3. Evelyn, clearly your sense of humor has been influenced greatly by Dakota Dawg. That trick is so disturbingly dysfunctional that it could only have been guided by a dog who still wants to remind his earth family that he controls Evelyn:-) 🙂 I guess it was Dakota’s way of reminding you that Evelyn’s a cutie pie, but still so immature and has to get a lot more life experience under her little bulldog belt to become the wise sage that he is!!

    Those pictures are a d o r a b l e:-) 🙂 Love, love, love the mug! And that little chunk of a bulldog body, what a figure:-) 🙂 🙂

    Evelyn, we need more pictures and I guess this was one way out decided you could get our photo taken. Think your momma got the hint and will take more photos! No more stunts though!!

    Nice pelvis:-) 🙂 🙂

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    1. thank you sally. do you knoe i prolly way as much as hannah? i am a big girl. my momma lady says i am midwestern sturdy. i do not knoe what that means. i will see about more pictures. maybe some with a pelvis.

  4. Oh Evelyn! Couldn’t you do something to scare them that didn’t cost so much money? Sheesh!

    I’m glad you’re OK though. Your people love you a LOT girlfriend!

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