i had a bizzy day

i had a bizzy bizzy day and i am so tired! i had a venture and went in the car. but the morning was not so good. i wuz sleepin just fine and then my momma lady called me.


when she calls me from the kichen or the living room, i am happy. when she calls me down the hallway, i get nervus. when she calls me from the bedroom, i run and hide. today she called me from the bedroom.

i wuz rite. there was a bery good reeson to hide. she did this.


after she dried me off, i did this.

004after a little bit, my momma lady got the leesh. i was bery spishus because of the baff. i was afrade she was going to take me to the v-e-t. you know what? i was rite! dammit! i hate being rite. they put me on the scale again and said oh boy she has lost one haff a pound. i said so what. then we all went into a room and i got so scared. i shook and shook and could not stop. my momma lady got on the floor and kissed me and said sweet things but i still shook. they wanted my blood. they had a hard time finding it. i do have blood. i just like to keep it inside of me.

after the v-e-t, we got back in the car. my nervs were so nervus i did not think i could take any more. we got on the freeway and i did not like that. that ment we were not going home. but you know what? when we got off we went to this place with a funny doohicky sticking up out of the ground. momma shouted at it. i thought why is so so mad at that dookhicky? she yelled some more. then she drove off. but not for long. then she stopped and a arm came out of a window and gave momma a bag. it smelled incred, um, nice. and oh yes i got a treet!


sumbody put a burger in a bowl and then put some lettus in the bowl and then put a lid on it. i smelled it and then momma opened it and then i choked on it.




then i stared at my momma lady and made the big hungry eyes. it did not work.


then we went to pick up something at a warehouse and then we came home. and that was my bizzy bizzy day!


Author: evelyn

my tripawd was Dakota. we had fun and i miss him. I like food. lots.

10 thoughts on “i had a bizzy day”

  1. What a nice day Evelyn. Love you after your bath. We can really see your spots when you had your bath. It must be the season because Bosch & Sassy had baths on Sunday.

    I hope you got a nap after such a busy day.

    Michelle & Sassy

  2. Oh Ev, you have the most interesting stories to tell! Sorry about the bath, the v-e-t, and the blood. I hope that yummy burger made up for it!!

  3. This was so much fun to read (you talk like I type) and the photos wereadorable!! They matched the mmonologue perfectly!

    You have the cuteness factor coming out of the whazoooo!
    Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to bring such joy and giggles to us! We’re laughing WITH you—-not AT you!!! Maybe a little chuckle AT your crazy mom though!!!

    Thanks for the fun! Sally and Happy Hannah

  4. Oh Evelyn. I love you so much. I wish I was there to have a busy day with you. Did your Mama tell you you are coming to NY to live with me soon?

  5. Evelyn has recovered from her trauma. She sat in the street to make sure she got a dirty rump, undoing some of the damage I did with the bath. She did choke on the burger but no harm done. She was very, very excited about it. I ordered a drink and she thoughtfully licked the top for me. Unfortunately. For me, the worst part was seeing her at the vet. I’ve never seen a dog tremble so much. She can be a pain but that was just sad.

  6. 0mg! Why does Evelyn have to be sooo cute! I love her without knowing her. Shari, thanks for showing everyone on this site such strength, Fortitude, and resiliency. You have been an inspiration to me and countless others. Keep us up to date on Evelyn. I love hearing about her. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Maricela and spirit Bruno

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