how to be a PITA, by me evelyn

my momma lady and i wuz talkin. well, she did all the talkin. i am a bery good lissner. i don’t do what she sez but i lissen. i am not a bery good doer. there is a diffrence. i am digressing.

momma lady sed hey evelyn you are such a good pain in the ass you should give lessons. and i thawt that wuz a grate idea! i can give any tripawds lessons on how to be the bery best pain in the ass! what do you think?

here is my rezume vitay sperience qualifikashuns how come:


i sniffed the grandpup all the time and violated her privacy.


i sniffed her pants a lot cuz they wuz nice.


when my pop would go pee i would get in his warm spot and then i would pretend i could not hear him say move over.

2013-11-20 07.24.29

i did it a lot.


i also took up too much room on the couch. my momma lady sed i oozed into her territory.


i did not respect the peeple boundries.

2013-12-19 08.41.18

i made the sad eyes when the dishwasher was open cuz i hoped they would let me lick the plates. i wuz in the way all the dam time. that is what my momma lady sed.

so there you go! call me if you want lessons. i give them for free and i am vailable all the time!

love, evelyn




Author: Dakota Dawg

Dakota lived high in Colorado and was a member of the February Furballs. He lost a front leg to soft tissue sarcoma on 2-11-11. Dakota impulsively decided to see what the whole "rainbow bridge" business was about on 12-15-12 and before we could stop him, he was gone. But never forgotten. Never.

5 thoughts on “how to be a PITA, by me evelyn”

  1. Happy Hannah wants to sign up! She’s thinking you might be nto something smelling baby’s dirty diapers…after all, she loves deer poop!! Seven degrees of separation?

    But Evelyn, yo MUST give classes on how to take THE cutest pictures in the land!! I don’t kowif you can even teach that level of perfection!! there are just some things one is born with!!

    It’s really nice ofyourpop to warm up YOUR bed for you! Hoe he doesn’t get too cold sleeping on the floor!

    Did Dakota Dawg teach yoj all these great tricks? ‘Thinking henhad a “paw” in this!

    Thanks for the great smiles!! Yo are ne special chunk of laughs!

    Lots of love!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. Oh Evelyn you are so AWESOME! You must give Buster lessons on how to keep my side of the bed warm when I get up in the night, I would appreciate getting back into bed with a warm area and he would leave because he gets hot.

  3. And Evelyn, even though this is YOUR post, I’m gonna hijack it to tell Shari that I know the holiday eason is still bittersweet becauseyou miss Dakota. And December is the month he “crossed over”

    He will never be forgotten here. Heros like that shine their light of love eternally.

    Love and light,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  4. Hmmm I wonder if those lessons rubbed off on a couple of puppies cause sometimes they are a little ornery. Love the lessons. And you are great Evelyn

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

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